Bachelor of Science in Business Management

Earn Your Degree and Reach Your Management Potential
Leadership in business begins with knowledge gained through education, and flourishes through practical application in the workplace. Marylhurst University’s online Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management is designed with this idea in mind. If you’re currently working, what you learn during the online program is immediately applicable where you work; if you’re looking for a new job or career advancement, the business management skills you gain at Marylhurst can help you build for the future.

Marylhurst’s online Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management features 18 dynamic business courses that can be completed in as little as 27 months. This accelerated business bachelor degree program is administered through a completely online learning environment which encourages interaction between students and instructors, while allowing you to complete your degree on a schedule that works for you.

It’s an education that prepares you for a management or leadership role in the world of business. From finance to marketing, human resources, information technology, sustainability, global business, non-profit, healthcare, real estate, communications, or elsewhere: you’ll gain the knowledge needed to make the most of your career opportunities.

Online Bachelor of Science in Business Management Program Objectives

  • Leadership – Learn effective management techniques for dealing with business decisions, influencing group dynamics, and becoming a reliable team leader.
  • Ethics & Integrity – An important factor in all business endeavors. Examine the ethical principles behind business and what it takes to address business decisions without compromising integrity.
  • Communication – Demonstrate effective communication skills for interacting collaboratively in global environments.
  • Market Analysis – Learn to research and examine the real estate market using economic and demographic data to make sound financial and business decisions.
  • Law and Order – Understand the role of law and legal policy within the context of business and real estate.
  • Establish a Foundation – Develop a solid business core by studying economics, business applications, real estate industry trends, entrepreneurship, development, and more.

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