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Develop the hands-on skill set and strategic knowledge to become a confident, capable business leader with the Marylhurst University online Bachelor of Science in Business Management. The best online business programs go beyond the textbook to provide a practical understanding of modern business and industry. That’s why we’ve assembled a world-class faculty with experience in a number of different professional arenas. Our educators draw on firsthand knowledge to prepare you for real-world decision making and problem solving.

The Marylhurst online Bachelor of Science in Business Management features a robust curriculum designed to help you become a more marketable professional. Explore key business concepts with dynamic coursework in finance, marketing, economics and law. Develop effective communication techniques and learn about the role of ethics in modern business. Study the art of organizational leadership and develop your personal management style. Empower yourself with the online business program that’s building leaders.

All of my teachers were incredibly supportive and available. They provide all the contact information to reach them almost 24 hours a day if you ever had a question, concern, problem… Never did I feel left out... They were so supportive.
Kathleen Pyper, Online Bachelor of Science in Business Management, 2014
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Why choose Marylhurst University?

For more than 120 years, Marylhurst University (located in Portland, Oregon) has empowered students of all ages to change the world through education and mentorship. As a regionally accredited university, our dedication to the holistic improvement of our students led us to integrate the liberal arts into every degree program we offer. Also present in every Marylhurst program is a commitment to social responsibility and diversity in all its forms.

Since the mid-1990s, Marylhurst has offered online degree programs to accommodate working professionals in Oregon and beyond – serving students in more than 30 states and 10 countries. We believe online learners have as much right to small classes and high-level engagement as campus-based students. We believe in providing educational opportunities in which you can balance a job and personal life with academic responsibilities to earn a first-rate education.

I think the only thing I would say to a prospective student is that if you really want to do amazing in your next step of life, this is a great place to be. We’re fully committed to making sure students have the best experience they can, and they get a solid education.
Kimberly Steele, Professor


Why should I get a bachelor’s degree?

A bachelor’s degree can go a long way in helping you maximize your earning potential. In fact, according to a recent study from the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce, the average bachelor’s degree holder earns $3,380,060 over their lifetime, while the average high school graduate earns just $1,767,025.* Beyond a potential increase in earning power, a bachelor’s degree can provide you with the professional skills to embark on a new career with confidence, as evidenced by the 85 percent of Marylhurst alumni who report feeling “well prepared” or “very well prepared” for their career or field upon graduation.**

*Georgetown Center on Education Study
**MU Alumni Survey

On average, the lifetime earnings of a person with a bachelor’s degree are nearly twice as much as those of a high school graduate.*


Why should I get a bachelor’s degree?

Beyond the value a bachelor’s degree can offer in terms of earnings, it can also boost your employability in a job market that has proved difficult at times. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate among high school graduates (7.5 percent) is nearly twice as high as the unemployment rate among bachelor’s degree holders (4 percent).*** A Marylhurst education can provide peace of mind as you pursue a career in your field of choice, as evidenced by the 83 percent of Marylhurst alumni who report being gainfully employed.**

*Georgetown Center on Education Study
**MU Alumni Survey
***Bureau of Labor Statistics

“By 2018, the economy will create 46.8 million openings. … Nearly two-thirds of these jobs will require workers with at least some college education.*”

Major Curriculum

The Marylhurst online Bachelor of Science in Business Management consists of 18 five-credit courses. Your curriculum in the major will include five foundation courses and eight business management courses. To provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate what you’ve learned, the program will conclude with an experiential five-credit capstone course.

Business Foundation Courses

Foundations of Management

This business foundation course brings together students from diverse backgrounds and provides a common language and starting point on which to build a solid program of business and management or real estate studies. Students will learn to drive change by applying management processes of planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Students develop tools for effective learning and studying, and understand standards and expectations for the entire program. In this course, students complete the Learning Assessment, a comprehensive test that assists students in assessing their business knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in the program. 5 crs.

Business Writing and Communication

This course prepares the student to use good writing and presentation skills in academic and business environments. Students will learn how to define and focus their information needs in a subject area, how to access and evaluate needed information, and how to transform information into the foundation for original writing. The course emphasizes thesis organization, process, and proper documentation and citation, in addition to issues such as persuasion, audience analysis and plagiarism. 5 crs.

Personal Ethics in Organizations

Students explore fundamental questions about what is right and wrong from the perspective of major ethics traditions and within the context of organizations. This exploration will begin by considering whether we can know the “good” and by considering the role of personal and religious worldviews. Using class discussions and case studies, students examine concepts of justice and the role of personal morality within organizations. The final case study will look at the relationship between ethics and effective business leadership. 5 crs.

The Economics of Business

This course focuses on topics in economics of particular value to students studying business and management. These topics include concepts of scarcity, supply and demand analysis, behavior of the individual consumer, decision making by a profit maximizing firm under perfect competition, and the economic analysis of projects. 5 crs.

Business Statistics for Managers

This course emphasizes understanding and determining statistical techniques, topics and software used in commerce. The course includes descriptive statistics, which addresses methods of organizing, summarizing and presenting business data in an informative way; and inferential statistics, which discusses methods for sampling data to determine something about a population. Topics include data analysis, probability and significance, sampling distributions, estimation, and means and hypothesis testing. 5 crs.

Prerequisites: MTH 111, MTH 305, or equivalent

Business Management Courses


This course introduces the basic concepts of marketing and provides a framework for analyzing marketing opportunities and challenges. Students will look at the important role marketing plays in modern business organizations. Specific topics include the marketing process, consumer behavior, customer relationships, social responsibility, market segmentation, branding, pricing, distribution, advertising, promotion, public relations and sales. Students will learn how to develop and present a marketing plan. Students also develop and apply analytical skills in marketing research methodology. 5 crs.

Managing in Dynamic Environments

Students use theory and case studies to lay the foundation for applying strategic management principles integrating management processes (plan, organize, lead, control), organizational functions (marketing, finance, human resources, and so forth), and environmental influences (competitive landscape, globalization, stakeholder interests, culture, technology). 5 crs.

Human Resources

This course covers the specific functions of human resources such as job design, employee performance evaluations, staffing, compensation/benefits, employee assistance, labor relations, personnel policies and labor law. Topics include tough international competition, advancing technology and workforce diversification. 5 crs.

Business Law

Students explore a broad overview of how the legal system can protect vital business interests. The course addresses legal procedures for resolving conflicts, corporate law and partnerships, negotiation and transactions, and other current issues in business. 5 crs.

Organizational Behavior

This course helps students develop an understanding of the fundamentals of organization behavior from a theoretical, personal and practical perspective, with a special emphasis on individual, group and corporate culture and behavior. Topics include group, team, and individual behaviors; change management; conflict resolution; organizational communication; and organizational cultures as they apply to diverse multicultural and global environments. 5 crs.

The Art and Discipline of Leadership

This course addresses the art and discipline of leadership by examining skills and theories necessary to create vision, manage change, embrace learning and develop members of the organization. Students examine a broad spectrum of styles and then identify their own leadership strengths and stretches. Students study various collaboration techniques as well as coaching models. 5crs.

Finance for Business Managers

Students learn to analyze economic events in terms of the accounting equation and to understand income statements, balance sheets and statements of cash flow. The course also addresses how to read and interpret financial reports in order to analyze and perform business evaluations. 5 crs.

Strategic Management

This course provides opportunities to apply various strategic business concepts and analytical tools to complex problems and issues. Students learn to use a strategic perspective to create solutions to organizational issues. 5 crs.

Business Management Capstone

Applied Management Principles

This capstone course addresses the program and Marylhurst Core outcomes for the bachelor’s in business management program. Students demonstrate and apply strategic management processes across all key business functions. Students consider the relationship of environmental issues to business decisions as an example of drawing on knowledge of other academic disciplines, and collaborating for responsible and ethical action to address social issues. In this course, students complete the Learning Assessment, a comprehensive test that assists students in evaluating their business knowledge and skills acquired from their courses. Experiential learning is addressed by multiple assignments throughout the program and in this course. 5 crs.