Food Systems Management Concentration

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MBA Dedicated to Global Sustainability

Create a Better World with Sustainable Food Systems

  • Earn your MBA degree in as few as 18 months.
  • Choose from four specialized concentrations.
  • 100% online, with no on campus residency requirement.
  • No GMAT required for qualified applicants.
  • Accelerated program format broken into five-week sessions.

Food consumption and production have transformed greatly during our lifetime. Over the years, home cooking gave way to processed convenience foods, creating huge agri-businesses with massive factory farms and endless production lines. Today, here in the United States, we see a movement back to family gardens and farm-to-table dining. But that is only part of the picture.

Several food system challenges at play in our country and beyond. For example, many urban communities exist as food deserts that struggle with food insecurity and lack of access to nutritious dietary choices. Rural locales have environmental concerns about food-based pollutants, particularly those resulting from meat processing facilities. As a culture, we incur thousands of food miles with every meal and waste enormous amounts of food each day. Developing countries have other factors to consider in terms of non-farmable terrains, water scarcity, food availability and more.

Choosing sustainable food systems management as your life’s work is an admirable pursuit. Our future as a society depends on making lasting changes in the way that food is grown, processed, priced, purchased, transported, conserved and consumed.

Pursuing Your Sustainable Business MBA Concentration at Marylhurst

The Sustainable Business MBA program at Marylhurst University offers you a comprehensive traditional business education with a forward-thinking look at sustainability and green business practices. It’s a truly pioneering approach towards green business, and an education that will help define the future of business practices across the globe.

We are dedicated to delivering an innovative online educational experience to eco-minded individuals who are driven by possibility and opportunity. Our goal is to help you reach your goals for professional development, personal enrichment and career advancement in the sustainable business concentration that excites and inspires you the most.

Online MBA in Sustainable Business with Food Systems Management Concentration

Marylhurst University has been offering online business degree programs since 1996, long before many other institutions of higher learning. As such, we can offer you the opportunity to study with an accomplished leader in online adult learning that provides a complete education and flexible scheduling within a completely virtual environment.

Through the online environment students and instructors can directly interact, creating a unique classroom experience for the study of sustainable business theories and practices.

Choosing to focus on food systems management as your preferred concentration will challenge you to:

  • Learn how to influence food systems management decisions for businesses, government agencies, local communities and not-for-profit organizations.
  • Define your personal ethical stance in relation to food systems management issues including climate change, biodiversity, water scarcity, food security, sustainable diets, food waste recycling and more.
  • Develop effective sustainable strategies for the ways food is produced, processed, transported and consumed.
  • Explore advanced techniques for the analysis and implementation of eco-friendly food systems management policies and practices.
  • Understand the interplay between environmental considerations and business goals, with an emphasis on stakeholder expectations, corporate values and competitive interests.
  • Discover how to balance sustainability goals against business decisions without compromising your integrity.