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Through Marylhurst University’s Learning Assessment Center, you can earn credit toward your bachelor’s degree by documenting the knowledge you have gained during years of work and life-long learning. Corporate and on-the-job training, community service, parenting, volunteer work, seminars, home management, military training, workshops, travel study and independent research are among the many areas that can be evaluated for credit toward your degree.


Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)
Through the PLA process, credit requests are evaluated by specific content experts for credit recommendations. Upon completion of your work, your final portfolio is presented. As many as 45 PLA credits may be earned toward your undergraduate degree.

College credit may be achieved through recognized credit-by-examination programs including DANTES, CLEP and NYU Foreign Language Proficiency testing. As many as 45 credit-by-examination credits may be earned toward your undergraduate degree.

Military Training
Military training approved by the American Council on Education may transfer as credit to be used in your degree plan. The number of credits that may be earned varies by undergraduate degree.

Transfer Credits
Courses completed at other accredited colleges or universities will be evaluated for use in your degree plan. The number of credits that may be earned varies by undergraduate degree.

Classes from other accredited institutions
Transfer your credits when evaluated by a Marylhurst advisor. All credits are evaluated on an individual basis.

Marylhurst coursework
Complete on campus or online coursework.

Marylhurst University offers programs and services to assist you with

  • Reducing the time it takes to finish your studies;
  • Reducing the cost of your undergraduate degree;
  • Improving your writing and research skills;
  • Learning more about what you already know;
  • Discovering how your learning from past experience can earn college credit; and
  • Receiving credit for your documented college-level learning.

Focus on what you know and learn how to document it. Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) gives you the tools to jump-start your degree.

Step 1: Development of your education plan begins in the Learning Assessment Workshop, the first of three required PLA courses, where you will

  • Clarify your educational goals and priorities;
  • Develop a personal plan with specific objectives; and
  • Discover how many college credits you may earn for your prior learning.

Step 2: Next, the PLA Workshop provides a step-by-step method for making credit requests based on your mastery of subjects through prior learning or personal study. You will identify areas that fulfill specific Marylhurst University requirements and learn how to describe, analyze, and document your acquired knowledge.

Step 3: Portfolio Development Studies consist of individualized tutorials where you receive one-on-one instruction and guidance. Your PLA advisor will meet with you regularly and review your work.

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