Why a Bachelor's in Real Estate?

There are many excellent reasons to get your bachelor’s segree in real estate from Marylhurst University. One of the most important reasons to earn your bachelor’s degree is because advancing your education directly relates to how employable you are. Regardless of your field of study or what industry you want to work in, obtaining your bachelor’s degree shows that you’ve actively continued your educational growth. This demonstrates an overall drive and determination to succeed, which is a positive asset in the business world.

A bachelor’s degree in real estate will also help to facilitate the growth of your career and can open the door to new opportunities. Whether you’re already working in real estate or looking to get involved, a bachelor’s degree from Marylhurst provides you with an in-depth study of  essential business practices as well as real estate laws, regulations, transactions, a look at the profession of real estate, development, investment strategies, design, construction issues and more. The knowledge you’ll gain during your studies can help you become a leader in business and an expert in the field of real estate.

Developing a specialization in real estate by obtaining your bachelor’s degree is also a great precursor to a more advanced degree. If you are looking to continue your studies and obtain your Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA), a bachelor’s in real estate will assist you in developing a strong foundation that can prove to be a true asset, and possibly represent the deciding factor in finding your niche in the business world.

Earning your bachelor’s degree in real estate online from Marylhurst University will help you to develop the confidence and knowledge skill sets positioned for success. The program is developed for working professionals and fits into your schedule. It allows you to continue working while getting your degree, and encourages you to start applying what you learn immediately. Overall, the bachelor’s degree in real estate will help you secure your career.

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