Why should I get an Online Real Estate Degree?

Considering an Online Real Estate Degree
Whether you are already a working professional or you are interested in starting your career in Real Estate, getting a Real Estate degree online will be of great benefit to you. Getting a degree in Real Estate can mean a higher salary, increased respect from buyers and sellers, and greater opportunities.

If you are thinking about attending school or going back to school to get a degree in Real Estate, consider the benefits of getting your degree online.

Benefits of Getting Your Real Estate Degree Online
• Fewer Scheduling Issues
• No Travel/Commute Costs
• Credit-hour Costs are Typically Lower

If you are a working professional, pursuing a degree in Real Estate online is going to be your best option. Online Real Estate degree programs are convenient and are much easier to coordinate into a busy schedule than traditional educational programs. However, do not mistake convenience for simplicity—online classes are just as challenging as classes you would take in a traditional university setting. Skills like time management and organization, which are essential components of success in a classroom-based educational program, will be essential in your online courses.

Another important thing to consider about an online program is that depending on where you live, the schools in your area may not even offer a Real Estate program–and in those cases, an online Real Estate program will mean that you will not have to relocate.

Finally, the costs of attending school online are much lower than the costs of a traditional school. While the actual course costs of an online program are often similar to those of a traditional education program, online course materials are usually cheaper, as most materials will be available electronically. Additionally, there are no on-campus housing costs or transportation costs.

What to Look for in an Online Real Estate Degree
• Accredited Schools
• Program’s Reputation
• Course Organization
• Technical Support

When you are looking for an online Real Estate program, your first concern will be to identify accredited schools. Search an institution directory database like the one found at the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (www.nwccu.org) to ensure that the school that you are looking at is accredited. If you are looking into using federal grants or loans to pay for your education, the federal government requires the college or program that you are attending to be accredited.

Though the reputation of your online school is important to consider, employers today no longer consider there to be a fundamental difference between the education that you receive in an online program and that of a traditional classroom environment.

Course organization can vary widely for an online Real Estate course. Of course, you will want to find a program that is specifically designed for distance or online learners.

Marylhurst University’s Real Estate degree courses use a mix of traditional materials and online learning tools to create an interactive and engaging learning experience. In a typical class, you might expect to read course materials on your class’s website, engage with other students in online chats and discussion rooms, and receive direct academic guidance from your professor.

As you will be using your personal computer as the main portal to your education, you will want a program that offers technical support. If you have bugs or issues that prevent you from accessing course materials or websites, you will inevitably fall behind. Whether you are a novice computer user or a professional, you should assume that you will run into problems at one point or another. As a result, it would be a good idea to call the technical support line for your chosen program now and understand how their technical support works (some technical support lines will be automated or have specific hours of operation.) That way you won’t be caught at the last minute without access to important notes or coursework.

Should I Get an Online Real Estate Degree Now?
The Real Estate market is changing constantly; now is an excellent time to consider an online Real Estate degree program. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports in their 2010-11 Occupational Outlook Handbook that employment in the field of Real Estate is expected to grow 14 percent during the next decade, “faster than average for all occupations.”

The changing economy and changing technology require a new, talented work force. Online schools provide convenient and flexible options for you to enhance your career without shortchanging your current job and family life.

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