The Healthcare Industry is Booming: Why a Healthcare MBA is the Smart Investment to Make Now

Group reviewing data in medical attire

Healthcare is experiencing great changes. With these changes comes the need for qualified leaders. Graduates of a healthcare MBA program, like the one offered by Marylhurst University, are prepared to assume these high responsibility leadership roles in a variety of environments. Careers in healthcare management are well paying and allow graduates to work toward a greater purpose – providing quality healthcare to our society.


As the health industry evolves so does the need for skilled leadership. Filling this need are graduates of healthcare MBA programs around the world. Though many roles in healthcare are expected to grow, management is the fastest growing. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this trend is expected to continue well into the next decade.

One factor in the growing demand is advancing technology. Technological advances in medicine are incredible and allow patient care to constantly improve. In order for providers and facilities to adapt to these changes they need managers to lead staff efficiently. Changing a major procedure in a large facility takes planning, training and communication with staff during the entire process. Healthcare management degree programs prepare graduates to step into these roles and have a positive effect on the entire health system.


One of the greatest benefits of working in the field of healthcare is the variety. The amount of specialty fields, environments and tasks in management alone are incredibly vast. This variety is appealing to those entering the field and appreciated by employees that are building healthcare careers. The increase in fields and opportunities is directly related to factors like technological advances. No longer does a degree in healthcare management limit you to a job as hospital administrator. Now you can choose to work in environments like nursing homes, insurance organizations, government agencies and pharmaceutical companies.

Variety in the health field ensures that graduates are able to find the role that fits their skills and desire. Careers in health management require dedication and a desire to constantly improve skills. This important role should be held by an employee that is passionate about the population they serve and the job they do. A quick search of available opportunities should put to rest any future graduates worry that they will not find their place in this important position.

Room for Advancement

If you’re not new to the health industry now is the time to advance. Previous experience in healthcare provides a real world understanding that cannot be duplicated in a healthcare management degree program. Management level positions are commonly awarded to those that already work in the field and have obtained additional education, such as an MBA in Healthcare Management, in conjunction with making their desire to advance known.

Once in a management position there is still room to grow, and that growth may come from a new position, a specialization or private consulting. As the industry increases, demand for skilled members of management opportunities open throughout organizations. Roles in healthcare management are no longer the top of the ladder.

Graduates with an MBA in health management are uniquely qualified to excel in the role of manager. The combination of business acumen and health industry knowledge is crucial for effective management. Those pursuing a degree in this fast growing industry will graduate into a varied, well paying and welcoming job market.