Q&A with Jessica Daugherty – MBA in Sustainable Business Graduate

What should you expect as a student in the Online MBA in Sustainable Business program at Marylhurst University? We sat down with Jessica Daugherty, a 2015 graduate, and discussed her [...]

Q&A with Noah Blanton – MBA in Real Estate Graduate

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Christopher Coryell – Practical Learning

MBA Graduate Christopher Coryell describes the practical learning experience, and their direct application during his attendance at Marylhurst University.   Transcript: From day one I was able to apply a lot of [...]

Christopher Coryell – Diversity at Marylhurst

MBA Graduate Christopher Coryell describes the diversity of online students at Marylhurst University.   Transcript: Marylhurst is a pretty small school and a pretty small area of Portland, however the online program [...]

Leandra Taylor – Collaboration

MBA Graduate Leandra Taylor discusses her experience as a student, and the collaboration that took place during the program.   Transcript: Collaboration definitely helped get me through the program. We were [...]

Shawna Dobrean – Why Marylhurst?

MBA Graduate Shawna Dobrean discusses her experience as a student, and why she chose Marylhurst University.   Transcript: My name is Shawna Dobrean. I am a single mom of four amazing [...]

Cole Sharp – Advice to Future Students

MBA Graduate Cole Sharp gives his advice to future students of Marylhurst University.   Transcript: I can honestly say for somebody that’s on the fence of that if they want to go [...]