Green MBA in Renewable Energy

The Renewable Energy program is one of four distinct concentrations in Maryhurst’s MBA in Sustainable Business. The others are Food Systems Management, Green Development, and Green IT . Regardless of the concentration you choose, the green MBA program will provide you with a solid foundation in business with an inclusive look into sustainable practices. Each MBA in Sustainable Business concentration consists of 8 core courses, 3 concentration-specific courses, and a Capstone course.

The Green MBA program is a preparation for the future of business around the world. Sustainable topics include strategic leadership principles as they relate to green practices, emerging technologies, global culture, resource economics, and environmental management. These are combined with general business topics like accounting, finance, communication, leadership, quantitative analysis, decision-making, and marketing. Click here for a new infographic about this exciting academic track.

A Focus on Renewable Energy
Where does the power to run your company come from? From the warehouse to the boardroom, on the roads and in the office, companies need to find the fuel to keep their business running while remaining profitable. Reducing and finding energy alternatives can make a big impact on the bottom line. The renewable energy concentration examines the environmental regulations and policies that impact business decisions, management, and the bottom line. Find out how environmental laws affect business, and how fuel alternatives and renewable energy sources can positively impact your business and marketing efforts, while providing a new perspective on energy consumption. Build a strategy for operational management as you learn to research and implement a plan that accounts for energy usage, supply chain management, production, inventory and Six Sigma.

Renewable Energy Courses
SUS 500: Principles of Sustainability
SUS 505: Strategic Leadership in Sustainable Management
SUS 510: Resource Economics
SUS 515: Managerial and Environmental Accounting
SUS 518: Finance and Sustainability
SUS 520: Socially Sustainable Marketing
SUS 525: Research and Quantitative Methods
SUS 530: Modeling and Decision-Making
SUS 540: Environmental Law
SUS 541: Operations Management
SUS 542: Alternatives and Renewable Energies
SUS 598: Integrative Capstone Project

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11 Responses to “Green MBA in Renewable Energy”

  1. Daniel Hammer says:

    My name is Daniel Hammer. I am intrested in getting a Green MBA in Renewable Energy. I have a BA in medical Biology, which I acquired in 2005 from South Dakota State University. I was wondering if I can get the degree online, since I am in the military and unable to take classes at the college.


    Daniel Hammer

  2. Kelly says:

    Hi Daniel,

    My name is Kelly, and I am an enrollment advisor at Marylhurst. The Green MBA is 100 percent online, and provides the added benefit of not having required log in times. This gives military personnel the flexibility they need to complete the program. We actually have many military students in the program, so you certainly will not be alone! If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at 866-278-3965 x373.

  3. This sounds like an excellent program especially with the geographic and work flexibility.

  4. Administrator says:

    Thanks, our students and graduates agree with you!

  5. I believe in “Continuing Education” – and in the future of Renewable Energy as the answer our universal aspiration for a Cleaner World.

    I’m a Filipino (residing in Metro Manila, Philippines) and a Senior Citizen at 67 yrs old. I had my formal education at the Ateneo de Manila University (a Jesuit-owned institution) where I earned my college degree (AB, major in Political Science) in 1964 – and where I completed my post-graduate course (MBA, Senior Executive Program) in 1980. I had my early Career Employment with Unilever Philippines et; al. as a Sales & Marketing Executive. I now consult for starting-up Independent Power Producers (IPPs) wanting to venture into the emerging RE market in the Philippines.

    I’d like to apply for Scholarship under your online course on “Green MBA – Renewable Energy” – if any. I await. Thanks.

  6. Edward Hulse says:

    Hi Ernesto,

    We actually do not offer any scholarships or grants for this program. You would have to pay by the class ($2,064) being that you are not a US citizen and would not qualify for financial aid. I wish I had a better answer for you.

    If you have any additional questions, I would be happy to help. My name is Edward, and I can be reached at 866-278-3965 x603, or by email at

  7. Ryan says:

    I am interested in all of your Green MBA programs. I do not have a bachelors degree. I am currently finishing my Real Estate Broker’s classes and have been a licensed salesperson since 2002. I noticed you offer a bachelors in Real Estate. Am I able to use the certification to count towards a bachelors at Marylhurst, or may I take placement tests for credit in some of the classes? Thanks for any help.

  8. Justin says:


    I am interested in your Green MBA program but I do not have a bachelors degree. I have a couple years of college at St. Louis Comminty College. Do I need a bachelors degree to enter into program? Do you offer a undergrad program with sustainable energy or renewable energy?

    Thank you,


  9. Administrator says:

    Hello Justin,

    I apologize for not responding sooner. We are planning to offer a Bachelors Degree in Sustainable Business in the near future, perhaps as soon as the fall. I encourage you to contact one of the enrollment advisor and discuss your options. They can be reached at I 866-278-3965.

    Thank you,

  10. Tariq Bakhsh says:

    Hi, I am interested to get more info about Green MBA in Renewable Energy. I have tried to use the web short form but no success. As I am a resident of Saudi Arabia, my contact details seem not to be accepted by the system.
    Please, provide me with all enrollment details including cost.
    I got my BS degree in applied electrical engineering from King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals in 1988.

  11. Edward Hulse says:

    Hi Tariq,
    The information you are requesting can be found on this website link: If you have you continue to have issues with our website please feel free to contact me at

    Thank you,
    Edward Hulse

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