Green moving company receives recognition

Prospective sustainable business MBA students might be encouraged to see that there appears to be no limit to the types of ventures to which green practices can be applied.

For instance, not only can a moving company go green, but it can also receive recognition for the environmentally conscious work it does.

NorthStar Moving Corporation recently announced that it had received the Signature Award for Best Use of Green Practices by the California Apartment Association of Los Angeles (CAA-LA). The purpose of this recognition is to honor apartment communities and industry partners in the county.

The CAA-LA honored NorthStar for offering an alternative to moving that is green from beginning to end.

"Each and every day we work closely with our clients to green their moves and conduct every aspect of our business as environmentally conscious as possible," said Laura McHolm, c-founder and marketing director of NorthStar.

Every aspect of the moving experience is as green as it possibly can be. This includes trucks that run on bio-diesel fuel, boxes that are made of 100 percent recyclable materials and biodegradable bubble wrap. Skylights and extra windows in NorthStar facilities not only provide additional light, but a way to cut down on electrical use.

Following the latest news from the sustainable business sector might prepare individuals who plan to pursue a green MBA. 

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