Green MBA in Green Development

The Green Development program is one of four distinct concentrations in Maryhurst’s MBA in Sustainable Business. The others are Food Systems Management, Renewable Energy, and Green IT . Regardless of the concentration you choose, the green MBA program will provide you with a solid foundation in business with an inclusive look into sustainable practices. Each MBA in Sustainable Business concentration consists of 8 core courses, 3 concentration-specific courses, and a Capstone course.

The Green MBA program is a preparation for the future of business around the world. Sustainable topics include strategic leadership principles as they relate to green practices, emerging technologies, global culture, resource economics, and environmental management. These are combined with general business topics like accounting, finance, communication, leadership, quantitative analysis, decision-making, and marketing. Click here for a new infographic about this exciting academic track.

A Focus on Green Development
Every business has a footprint on the land and community around it. If your business is planning to start building from the ground up, developing a property from an existing source, or expanding to new frontiers, the green development concentration explains the details of what it takes to build green and develop green conscious initiatives. Discover the environmental factors, government regulations, and laws that influence your building plans and construction efforts. Address the various political, regulatory, economic and social forces that impact urban planning and development. Learn what it takes to build sustainable communities and create a environmentally-friendly and socially-conscious business presence.

Green Development Core Courses
SUS 500: Principles of Sustainability
SUS 505: Strategic Leadership in Sustainable Management
SUS 510: Resource Economics
SUS 515: Managerial and Environmental Accounting
SUS 518: Finance and Sustainability
SUS 520: Socially Sustainable Marketing
SUS 525: Research and Quantitative Methods
SUS 530: Modeling and Decision-Making

Green Development Concentration Courses
SUS 560: Environmental Law
SUS 561: Urban Planning Fundamentals
SUS 562: Sustainable Development for Sustainable Communities
SUS 598: Integrative Capstone Project

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4 Responses to “Green MBA in Green Development”

  1. I am interested in your online MBA in Green Development. I registered to download the brochure but the page comes up blank.

    Could you e-mail the brochure to me?
    Thank you

    Lyle Campbell

  2. Administrator says:

    Hi Lyle,

    I’m sorry there was issue when you tried to download the brochure. One of the enrollment advisors should be emailing you shortly with the program information.


  3. FSG says:


    I am interested in the Green MBA in Renewable Energy. Could you tell me the total price of the MBA? I need this information.

    Thank you very much.

  4. Administrator says:

    Hello FSG,

    The program cost can be found in the Sustainable Degrees Tuition section. It lists the most up-to-date cost per credit hour. The full program is 12 courses at 4 credits each, for a program total of 48 credits. Just multiply the current cost per credit hour by 48 for the program total.

    If you have any additional questions, please contact your enrollment advisor at 866-278-3965.


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