What Kind of Job Can I Get with a Degree in Business Administration?

Considering a Master’s in Business Administration but not sure what career opportunities await? The MBA can lead to jobs in multiple sectors, including retail, education, government and private business. Important skills, such as clear communication, decision making and organization, can set the cornerstone for a successful business career and higher salary. Here you will find a list of popular career choices for a Master’s Degree in Business Administration.

Accountant – An accountant is a person who is in charge of maintaining, editing and reporting private or public financial records in accordance with governmental regulations. Average Salary: $67,190

Accounts Payable Professional – An accounts payable professional maintains businesses liabilities (bills), keeps track of important information, such as when they are paid, determines new payables, and administers expense accounts. Average Salary: $37,250

Accounts Receivable Clerk – An accounts receivable clerk is responsible for performing a variety of tasks including a strict record keeping of accounts receivable for a business, preparing invoices and bills and handling expenses and client inquiries. Average Salary: $38,910

Acquisitions Tax Manager – An acquisitions tax manager is a higher level of the accounting team who is responsible for taxes of property acquisitions management during company purchases. Average Salary: $117,990

Agency Underwriter – An agency underwriter serves as a commercial insurance products retailer who also provides insurance policies and coverage for small or medium sized businesses. Average Salary: $65,040

Appraiser – An appraiser is a real-estate professional trained in providing a property’s (home or business) estimated value. Average Salary: $51,860

Bank Compliance Officer – A bank compliance officer keeps track of all accounting, lending and investments made within a bank according to federal regulations. Average Salary: $76,580

Banker – A banker is responsible for monitoring financial activities, establishing positive customer relations and dealing with private and corporate customers in retail or commercial banking offices. Average Salary: $51,540

Benefits and Compensation Manager – Benefits and compensation managers oversee programs to determine how much an organization pays its employees and plan the benefits that employees may be eligible for, such as health insurance and retirement plans. Average Salary: $111,430

Billing Clerk – Billing clerks work in private or commercial businesses and keep track of how much money customers owe a business, then calculate and prepare the customers’ bills. Average Salary: $36,300

Biomedical Technician – A biomedical technician, or medical repairer, works to repair various medical equipment such as defibrillators, heart monitors, electric wheelchairs and ventilators. Average Salary: $46,340

Bookkeeper – Bookkeepers maintain financial records, typically in the form of ledgers for a business, and perform basic accounting tasks. Average Salary: $38,910

Budget Analyst – Budget analysts work with organizations to create, analyze and execute business budgets for private, government or nonprofit businesses. Average Salary: $71,590

Business Management Analyst – Management analysts identify and propose ways that a company can improve their efficiency, the help make organizations more profitable by reducing costs and increasing revenues. Average Salary: $81,320

Certified Personal Financial Planner – Certified financial planners work with clients to determine how they can meet lifelong financial goals through various management techniques. Average Salary: $89,160

Chief Financial Officer – The chief administrative officer leads an organization and must oversee various operations including finance, manufacturing, research and development, marketing and property management. Average Salary: $309,420

Chief Lending Officer – Chief lending officers supervise bank, savings institutions or credit unions staff members and develop loans. Average Salary: $171,593

Chief Technology Officer – A chief technology officer focuses on technological problems, research and development tactics, and the creation of long- term goals through capital transformation. Average Salary: $231,178

Claims Adjuster – A claims adjuster evaluates insurance claims, they inspect properties such as damaged buildings or cars. Average Salary: $63,060

Commercial Lender – A commercial lender issues business loans that may involve real estate, non-confirming assets or other sources of security backed up by collateral. Average Salary: $74,159

Commercial Loan Officer – A commercial loan officer evaluate and recommend approval of commercial, real estate or credit loans and advise borrowers on payment methods and financial status. Average Salary: 75,170

Compliance Officer – Compliance officers are responsible for investigating and evaluating an organizations conformity to contract laws and regulations. Average Salary: $69,180

Construction Administrator – A construction administrator maintains paperwork associated with construction jobs or projects. Average Salary: $52,064

Construction Manager – Construction managers plan, develop and coordinate construction projects: including commercial, residential and industrial projects. Average Salary: $87,400

Contract Lawyer – A contract lawyer works on various legal cases on a temporary or contract basis. Average Salary: $89,954

Contract Negotiator – A contract negotiator is the middleman between two organizations, helping them reach positive outcomes. Average Salary: $69,060

Corporate Auditor – Corporate auditors are responsible for a company’s tax, accounting and auditing activities as well as maintaining public records. Average Salary: $59,175

Corporate Development Manager – A corporate development manager develops strategies and determines profitable acquisitions for a company, they also oversee training programs, hiring of new staff and budgets. Average Salary: $102,640

Corporate Travel Manager – A corporate travel manager is the head of a businesses travel department who manages and arranges a businesses employee travel plans. Average Salary: $82,957

Credit Analyst – Credit analysts review files for bill collection and analyze the paying habits of delinquent bill-paying customers, they also determine the risk of lending to creditors. Average Salary: $79,720

Credit Counselor – Credit counselors provide financial advice and counseling to people who are in debt by calculating estimated debts and funds and arranging payment adjustments. Average Salary: $49,310

Credit Manager – Credit managers’ direct credit operations of credit bureaus or retail shops and help customers fill out credit applications. Average Salary: $61,810

Data Research Analyst – Data research analysts, also called operations research analysts, use their analytical thinking skills to help corporations investigate issues and solve problems to make the company run better. Average Salary: $78,630

Demand Forecast Manager – Demand forecast managers keep track of market trends and demand to help determine product popularity. Average Salary: $98,665

E-Commerce Manager – An E-Commerce manager is responsible for maintaining, developing and upgrading web sites for businesses as well as overseeing a team of designers and marketers. Average Salary: $86,108

Economist – Economists study how society uses resources such as labor, land, machinery and raw materials to produce services and goods by analyzing data and researching market trends. Average Salary: $99,180

Education Administrator (Postsecondary) – Educational administrators at postsecondary locations (colleges and universities) oversee the faculty, academics and student services. Average Salary: $88,580

Environmental Analyst – Environmental analysts develop research studies for controlling environmental pollutants and collect data for research models, projects and surveys to identify concepts to help decrease environmental problems. Average Salary: $68,410

Escrow Closer – An escrow closer is someone who prepares and executes escrow agreements and files and delivers legal papers and deeds. Average Salary: $45,672

Financial Accountant – Financial accountants analyze and prepare a client’s financial paperwork and records and make sure all taxes are paid. Average Salary: $51,709

Financial Analyst – A financial analyst is responsible for providing investment decisions for individuals and businesses. Average Salary: $44,210 – $63,697

Financial Center Manager – Financial center managers typically work in a bank setting and handle financial transactions made by clients. Average Salary: $117,990

Forecast Analyst – A forecast analyst prepares budgets and proposals and makes forecasts depending on specific financial matters. Average Salary: $58,204

Human Resource Manager – Human resource managers are responsible for overseeing an organization, company or agency’s human resource department, screening resumes and setting up appointments during the hiring process. Average Salary: $104,440