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MBA in Health Care Courses

Composed of twelve 5-week courses and one 10-week course, the Marylhurst online MBA in Health Care Management is designed to help you become the most prepared, resourceful leader you can be. Explore key business concepts, including marketing, accounting, finance and statistics. Develop expertise in the latest trends in health care technology and legislation. Garner the advanced skills and strategic knowledge to become an effective and ethical modern health care manager.

Business Core Courses

BUS 500 Foundations of Business

This course is intended to prepare students to be successful in an MBA program by introducing them to the following topics: writing and communication, accounting, economics, finance, math and graphing, statistics and Microsoft Office. Students without an undergraduate business degree, and students without professional work experience in a business-related field, will find this course particularly useful as they prepare for their MBA coursework.

MBA 510 Organizational Behavior

During this orientation course, students refresh their knowledge of key business subjects while being introduced to new academic concepts and graduate-level expectations. This course introduces both the theory and practical application of organizational behavior, the study of how individuals and groups impact behavior within an organization. Topics include decision making, motivation theories, individual and group behaviors, leadership, power and organizational politics, and organizational culture. 4 crs.

MBA 512 Managerial Economics

This course is designed to help graduate students develop an understanding of the basic concepts of economics. The focus will be on having students apply foundational concepts of microeconomics, including scarcity, ownership and markets to their personal decision making and professional life. In addition, students will learn the macroeconomics concepts of GDP, unemployment, inflation and interest rates, and how to research these variables and use forecasts to understand the application to their personal and professional life. Finally, students will learn some of the basic concepts of global economics, including international trade and exchange rates. 4 crs.

MBA 521 Managerial Accounting

In this course students learn accounting concepts from a decision maker’s perspective. Following an overview of the accounting cycle, financial statements, and financial reporting, special attention will be given to accounting information used to assist management in business operations. 4 crs.

MBA 522 Financial Management

This course is designed to help students understand financial theory and its important applications. With a focus on concepts including the time value of money, risk and return, valuation, investment principles, and the role of financial markets, and through real-world examples and practical exercises, students learn concepts and terms used by financial analysts and strategists. 4 crs.
Prerequisites: MBA 521

HCM 510 Ethical Health Care Management: A Systems Approach

This course provides an in-depth look at the sectors that comprise the health care industry. Students identify internal and external influences within and around this complex system, and examine the dynamics between them. The role of technology and informatics, programs, models, systems of delivery, demographics, the regulatory environment, stakeholder issues and ethical implications will form the basis of this initial course in the program. 4 crs.

HCM 511 Contemporary Managed Care

This course is designed to provide a full understanding of the origins of managed health care from the 1970s through current applications in the United States health care system. The evolution of managed health care applications is evaluated from legal, social and ethical perspectives, with emphasis on benefits and limitations. Specific examples of managed care applications are examined and analyzed (i.e., Medicare, Medicaid, Department of Defense, Department of Veterans Affairs, and private applications). 4 crs.

HCM 514 Health Care Marketing and Communications

The growth of competition among health care providers provides new and exciting opportunities for marketing and communications activities. This course is an introduction to marketing management and research in the fast-changing health care industry. Beginning with marketing fundamentals, students gain expertise in product and service line development, public relations and communications, and patient centricity in diverse populations. Special topics include emerging business models in health insurance and treatment centers. 4 crs.

HCM 518 Health Care Law and Risk Management

This course is a practical survey of business law and the special considerations present in the health care setting. Topics include the legal environment, contracts, antitrust concepts, labor law, commercial transactions, data privacy, patient rights, professional liability, defensive medicine and health care reform. 4 crs.

HCM 537 Operations Management in Health Care

This course focuses on the strategic importance of operations in the context of integrated delivery models and systems. Emerging models such as accountable care organizations, outcomes and evidence-based care, and patient-centered medical home models are examined. Emphasis is placed on performance improvement through the use of tools including Lean, Six Sigma, and Institute for Health Care Improvement (IHI) rapid cycle. Topics will also include planning, organizing and controlling of property, plant and equipment, safety and emergency preparedness, and environmental services. 4 crs.

HCM 548 Change Management in Health Care

During this course, students will develop an understanding of the fundamentals of leadership from a theoretical, personal, and practical perspective with a special emphasis upon leading ethically in healthcare. The course will discuss how organizational leaders address the growing importance of legal and ethical challenges in their decision making. Special topics include team building, gender issues, and leadership in diverse, multicultural, and global environments particularly as they relate to healthcare. Equally important, will be considerations for the various ethical methodologies from which to base leadership decision making related to various contemporary and controversial healthcare issues. 4 crs.

Health Care Capstone Courses

HCM 597 Capstone Project I

In this course, students begin the process of synthesizing, applying, and demonstrating the skills and competencies that reflect mastery of the MBA in Health Care Management program learning outcomes. After rigorous research, students develop a comprehensive strategic initiative. Using a wide variety of management tools students explore options, analyze critical information, and develop operational and communications plans. 4 crs.

HCM 598 Capstone Project II

In this course, students synthesize, apply and demonstrate the skills and competencies that reflect mastery of the MBA in Health Care Management program learning outcomes. After rigorous research, students develop a comprehensive strategic initiative. Using a wide variety of management tools students explore options, analyze critical information, and develop operational and communications plans. 4 crs.