The Business Ethics Resource Guide

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Business ethics is the relevance and function of ethical values in business behavior. Business ethics applies to all elements of business conduct. It is how the individuals and organization as a whole behave fundamentally. Business ethics is also reflected in finance ethics, human resource management, sales and marketing, intellectual property rights and technology. The approach to ethics should be intertwined with philosophy, morality and leadership behaviors.

Overview on ethics

  • Professional Ethics: Explores how managers can assess potential employees’ capability to mesh with the ethics of the organization.
  • Ethical Decisions: Explores methods for making ethical decisions.
  • The Pledge: A business ethics pledge.
  • Why Business Ethics: Investigate the arguments against and for business ethics.
  • Business Ethics: Examines the scope of business ethics in its approach, in foreign countries, and the effect of the lack of ethics on the environment.

Accounting Ethics

  • Accounting: Explains the purpose of ethics and whether someone can make a difference.
  • Creative Accounting: An investigation of ethics involved in creative accounting.
  • Accounting Ethics: An instructional guide of accounting ethics.
  • Ethics in Accounting: A review of a paper published in the Journal of Business Ethics, focusing on the need to improve the ethical education of accountants.

HR ethics

Intellectual property

  • Ethical Concerns: An assessment of how the revolution of Information Technology put companies in the position to revisit the ethics of the organization.

Insider Trading

Computer Ethics

International Business Ethics

Ethics of Sales and Marketing

Ethics with Competition