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A real estate career is one of the few careers that don’t require a college degree, but an MBA in Real Estate can help professionals understand the insights and trends to succeed. Agents work on commission and have several laws and regulations that they must abide by to avoid legal issues. Realtors and real estate licensees work in real estate, but don’t have to abide by the same ethics. The following resources are incredibly useful for those anticipating a real estate career or those who are veterans in the industry.

History of Real Estate


  • Real Estate Board: Virginia real estate board regulations
  • Real Estate Commission Alaska state regulations and statutes for the real estate commission
  • Fair Housing Act: This act protects parties from discrimination during any real estate transaction
  • Real Estate Law: Explains what real estate laws and regulations cover in real estate transactions
  • The Law of Real Estate Agency: An abridgment of federal laws detailing rights when conducting business with a real estate agency or real estate broker



Study Guides

  • Exam Study Guide: A multiple-choice real estate study guide for students
  • Contract Basics: A contract quiz study guide
  • Nevada Law Reference Guide: Six chapters of essential information for those seeking to sell real estate in the State Nevada
  • Property Law Resource Guide: A guide to property law
  • Short Sales: Short sales can be extremely challenging for realtors, but this guide can help the process go more smoothly
  • Clutter Free: Clearing a home of clutter can increase sales potential. Use the advice in this guide to de-clutter your property
  • Home Staging: Iinsight on the benefits of home staging
  • Home Inspection: A report for passing a home inspection
  • Online Marketing: Essential guide for any real estate professional to be successful online.
  • 1031 Exchanges: The basics to simple methods for selling qualifying property


  • Salaries: A decision guide for factoring the pros and cons of a real estate career, including salary potential
  • Real Estate Career: 30 real estate jobs and their salaries

Career Advice

Real Estate Organizations

Real Estate Market Forecast

  • Market Forecast: The 2016 market forecast from the Commercial Real Estate Services website.

Government Incentives