Shawna Dobrean – Why Marylhurst?

Shawna Dobrean - Why Marylhurst?

MBA Graduate Shawna Dobrean discusses her experience as a student, and why she chose Marylhurst University.


My name is Shawna Dobrean. I am a single mom of four amazing boys. I am now going to be a graduate of the MBA Program here at Marylhurst and I am also a director with a medical company for eye LASIK surgery here in Portland area. The characteristics specifically with Marylhurst that made me choose to do grad school here was not only the ability to do the whole thing online, but more important for me it was to be able to do it in a short amount of time. So, the fact that they offered and accelerated program was definitely the deciding factor for me.

There is definitely an entrepreneurial spirit woven into the curriculum here at Marylhurst not only just the instructors encourage you to explore the business that you’re currently working within, but they also encourage you to seek out business that you might potentially be interested in. Even though my program was a 100% online that was definitely a sensitive community. I think as students we kind of recognize when we saw familiar face and names within the program and then just kept encouraging each other about how long we had left and how many classes and it was really nice that even though it was online we were definitely able to get to know each other. Time management is the number one key element in an online program. For someone like me, a lot of times homework took place after bedtime for that matter because it wasn’t an option working full time and having kids. So, time management I think in any college setting is a crucial factor, but an online course is definitely plays a part.